Advanced Drawing & Painting 2009-10

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Catie's Pastel

In-Class Assignments

Reduction Print Assessment
Linoleum Reduction Prints
Object of Interest Assessment
Due Monday, 5/24
Objects of Interest Painting
Painter Table
Artist Painting Project Assessment
imovie Assessment
Artist Inquiry Deadlines
Due Tues, 3/23
Under/Over Painting Exercise
Artist Inquiry Project
Folded Paper Still Life Assessment
Folded Paper Still Life

Painting Tips
Color Postcard Match
Language Through Color
Warm/Cool Color Wheels

Pulled Charcoal Portrait Assessment

Pulled Charcoal Portraits

Portrait Thinking
Portrait Looking and Recording

Web Portfolio Assessment
Web Portfolio

Black & White Portfolio Assessment

Black and White Portfolio

Drawing Timeline

Pastel Abstraction Rubric

Due Friday, 10/16
Pastel Abstractions

Highlight: Georgia O'Keeffe
Point, Line, Plane
Sam's Underwater Egg

Sketchbook Assignments

Your Final Egg
Due Friday, 5/28
Print Prep Homework
Due Monday, 5/24
The World of Collage Due Wed. 5/12
iweb Portfolio Assessment
iweb Portfolio Update
Due Tuesday, 5/4

Object Painting Preparation
Due Monday, 4/12
Due Friday, 4/2: imovies!!!! Ready to watch.
Artist Statement
Due Monday, 3/29
Artist Story Due Tues, 3/23
Even More Unusual Still...
Due Thursday, 3/25
Unusual View Homework
Due Friday, 3/19
Artist Inquiry Work
Due Mon. 3/15
What's Under Your Sink?
Due Monday, 3/1

Valentine Egg (bonus)
Due Thursday, 2/11
Post-Impressionist, etc. Egg
Due Tuesday, 2/9
Impressionist Egg
Due Friday, 2/5

Color Chart
Due Monday, 2/1
Semester iweb Assessment
Update iweb Portfolio
Due Tuesday, 1/26

Figure Drawing, a taste
Part A Due Monday, 1/11
Part B Due Friday, 1/15

Two More Eggs....
Due Friday, 12/18

Due Friday, 12/4

Portrait Research
Egg Book 101112
Due Monday, 11/23

Egg Book 789
Due Friday, 11/13
Egg Book 456
Due Friday, 11/6
Egg Book 123
Egg Book Explanation

Imagination Activity
Due Wednesday, 10/21

Will the Marble Roll Review
Due Tuesday, 10/13
Gesture Focus
Due Wednesday, 9/30, with check in on Monday, 9/28
Sketchbook Nitty Gritty
Due Tuesday, 9/22
Points & Lines Meet Figure/Ground
Due Monday, 9/14
Sketchbook Rubric


Lucy's Iron

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