Figure Drawing--a taste

Part A:
1. Google (or look at a book or go wherever you want to find info on) John Singer Sargent. Please find the following:
  • birth/death dates
  • where he lived
  • mediums he worked in
  • 5 interesting facts about his work and/or his life
2. Please go to the MFA Boston . In the "Collections" box, type John Singer Sargent. When you pull his work up you will see there are pages and pages of images. Scroll through to page 6 or so. There you will find his sketches for the rotunda at the MFA, among other drawings.
3. Choose one that will challenge you, print it out, and copy it into your sketchbook. Please have the image you copy glued or taped above your copy.

Part B.

1. Please do some looking at either the following sites or ones you find on human proportions and drawing the figure. We have done gestural figure work when we went to the Cumberland Fair last Fall.

How To site

Figure Proportions

Figure Simplified

2. Please make two 30 minute studies of the human figure--all or part, your choice. If you cannot find someone to sit for you please use yourself as a model. Please use pencil as your medium.