Egg Book

This is a few-week long sketchbook project. Eggs are pervasive in our lives, from what must be one of the world’s oldest questions: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Eggs are seen from the breakfast table to the nest in the tree outside your window. Therefore we will capitalize on our familiarity with this subject, and from the idea of the egg let the creative juices hatch into a book of ideas. These ideas will range from the visible to the conceptual. They will incorporate widely varying stylistic, material and compositional experiments. You will think in terms of traditional, sculptural and technologically generated image making. You will be challenged to use your memory, your visual powers of perception, your intellect, your creativity and even your sense of humor.

Some of the pages of your book will be done in response to specific challenges that I present to the whole class. Other pages will be solely produced from your own ideas. Unless I specify a medium, you may use absolutely ANY media which you think could create your solution to a challenge. Your imagery may be black and white or color or a combination of the two. Think beyond what you might find in a well-stocked art cabinet. Your solutions need not fit exactly into the book (although it will be easier to manage if they do), yet if larger should be folded and somehow attached into the book. You should have as many pages in he end as you had in the beginning. If you do something you don’t like simply rework it or glue a new piece of paper over it to use later.

In how many directions can you jump from an egg? Which came first: the egg or the idea for the egg?