The Egg Book: The Beginning…. Due: Friday, October 30—Almost Halloween!!!!!

Entry #1: please create an egg from memory. Do NOT look at an egg while doing this.

Entry #2: please give a written description of an egg. Take on the persona of a reporter, a biologist, an artist, a chef, or the egg itself, or ??????

Entry #3: Halloween egg.

Your books will be periodically assessed during their duration, yet you are required to keep up with the given due dates for the entries. We will look at them as a group each time they are due, learning from each other. I will be assessing your books on the following:

1. Idea: while you may choose to stay as literal as can be in your solutions, I strongly challenge you to think outside the box, read between the lines, etc. You will gain points for cleverness.
2. Craftsmanship: while some materials, such as pastel, can become messy, it is up to you to keep your entries as tidy as possible. If using a medium such as pastel or charcoal, consider slipping a protective sheet of paper (newsprint or something else that correlates to your image) on top of the pesky egg.
3. Use of page: you should be considering the space of the entire page when meeting the entry challenges.
4. Effort and Ambition: this is based on the above as well as your completing ALL the challenges, plus the addition of any extra solutions/ideas you come up with on your own. Keep in mind your reasons for being in this class.