Color Postcard Match

In this exercise you will be working with a full palette to try to match 12 different colors you identify in your chosen postcard. Try to choose colors that roam around the color wheel (i.e., not 6 different blues you might see on your card). The intent of this lesson is to re-familiarize you with mixing for the purpose of making a particular color. It should force you to try some unexpected combinations.

Some color reminders:
1. When you are mixing a very light color, start with white first, adding a wee bit of needed pigment at a time.
2. Adding a hue’s compliment will lower the intensity of that hue.

As you mix each color, check it against the postcard to come as close as you can. Paint a square of color in the general area on the board that you would find it on the postcard. Note the colors you mix and write them in pencil under your square of color on your board. This might help later when you are wondering if you should use a warm or cool blue, etc., to mix a certain desired color.

Optional: use a neutral color (gray, black) to grid your painted squares. If you do this, please write your mixed color labels on the bottom of each square.

Please see example for clarification.