Color Chart Homework

Jan '10
Student example 09
We are working with color and paint and the goal of this homework is to have you look a little at what contemporary (and some not so contemporary) artists are doing with color.
Go to the following MoMa site:

Read the purpose of the show and look around at what these artists are doing with color in this current show.

In class, choose the artist you wish to investigate.

Be ready to present briefly on “your” artist (with the help of the LCD projector) with the following information:

1. Name of artist
2. medium worked in for the MoMa show
3. description of the work in the show (summarize the text/audio/video)
4. Any other information you can find on this artist and his/her use of color in art. (life dates, 3+ interesting nuggets)
5. Any other tidbits you think are interesting…

Here is who has chosen whom so far:
Ben: Sol LeWitt
Matt: Frank Stella
Sam: Giulio Paolini
Catie: Jasper Johns
Erica: Jennifer Bartlett
Iris: Robert Rauschenberg