Artist Inquiry Deadlines

Photo Class Examples

Due Friday, 4/2: imovies!!!! Ready to watch.
Due Tuesday, 3/23:
Your story, completed and written in first person, ready to hand in.

Due Monday, 3/15:
  • Play with the new version imovie and start to set up your presentation
  • Find Music to accompany your presentation: Music (from the time period) should accompany your presentation; it should add to the presentation, not detract from it.
  • Come up with the circumstance: Include a fictional circumstance that has led you to tell your story.
  • Come up with at least six images to use from your main artist, three from your contemporary artist, and of course, your painting.: Use enough images to help communicate the message; images should be relevent
  • Images chosen should be powerful paintings that clearly relate to what is being discussed.
  • Include a title, your name, and Advanced Drawing & Painting Spring 2010
  • Include an introduction describing the project and time period (in the first person).

Due Friday, 3/5: All research on your artist and her/his connections to the art world. This should be in a word processing document and either printed out or emailed to me.

Due Wednesday, 3/3: Canvas must be stretched and gesso-d. You should have a painting/composition plan and be ready to start painting.

Due by end of class Friday, 3/5: Canvas surface should be covered with paint color (first pass)

Examples of Narrative videos