Artist Inquiry Project

Student examples
Essential Question: What impact does learning about a particular artist have on the work you are doing today?

  • To share visually and orally your learning about the History of Painting and its relationship to contemporary painting;
  • To create a painting that clearly shows the influence of your artist;
  • To practice public speaking skills by sharing your knowledge with the class.

  • To create a painting in that clearly shows the influence of your chosen painter;
  • To create a imovie presentation with your voice narrating the story of a famous painter; you will tell a story through the lens of the famous painter, creatively link to your chosen contemporary painter, then to yourself.

Choose an Artist from one of the galleries/sites below:
a. Greenhut Gallery
b. Caldbeck Gallery
c. June Fitzpatrick Gallery
d. Bayview Gallery
e. Alan Magee
f. Eric Hopkins
g. Connie Hayes
Jen Bradford
Jen Bradford's Blog

Connect your artist, through style and/or subject, to a well-known artist from one of the movements listed below:
For example, could you connect the following two artists?
Sarah Knock (contemporary Maine Artist)
Janet Fish (Photorealism)

American Scene Painting
Ashcan School
Op Art
Pop Art

Movements in Art 20thC pre-WWII
Movements in Art 20thC post WWII
Art History Index
Newer Art Movements
Newer Art Styles
Art Techniques

Research the following, concentrating on the older artist:
  • Who you are, when you were born, where you lived during your life, etc.
  • Your education
  • What other artists were working at the same time
  • The art movement with which you are associated
  • My art and descriptions of my mediums, processes, and subject matter
  • How other artists / art movements influenced you
  • How you influenced other artists / art movements
  • What was happening in the world during the time you were working
  • How were you influenced by the events going on in the world
  • Your newest work, created in this class as a result of looking at your artist's work and life

Based on your research, creatively retell the story of the painter in first person.
Presentation Guidelines:
  • Presentation should not be more than 3 minutes long
  • Use the new version of imovie
  • Music (from the time period) should accompany your presentation; it should add to the presentation, not detract from it.
  • Use enough images to help communicate the message; images should be relevent
  • Images chosen should be powerful paintings that clearly relate to what is being discussed.

  • Include a title that includes your artist's name, your name, and Advanced Drawing & Painting Spring 2010
  • Include an introduction/slide describing the project and time period (does not have to be in the first person).
  • Include the "story of the painter" (in first person).
  • Include a fictional circumstance that has led you to tell your story.
  • At the end of your story, link your studied artist with your contemporary one, then link to your art. You should have images from both your contemporary artist and your own art.
  • Include a conclusion that describes what you learned as a result of completing this project. Please identify three things and explain their importance. It might be appropriate to read this while looking at your painting.
  • Include your bibliography, in MLA format, at the end of your presentation.

First Step: Submit a proposal: there are so many decisions; some will not be appropriate. My word is final. Before submitting, make sure you can find enough information on the artist.

Second Step: Thoroughly research your artist, "filling in the blanks" for the necessary information above.

Third Step: Determine what painting you will do in response to looking at your artist's work.

You will be working on your painting in class and your research and imovie as homework. Please be aware of the deadlines; you will be assessed for your work up to each due date.

(you should host your presentation on your iweb page)

Practice presentations with a partner and give feedback so it is not boring (draw a box or draw a BOX!)

Presentations: I will randomly select a student to start the presentations. Students will watch/listen carefully, trying to find the strongest link possible to that artist. When the first student is done, the others will bid to be the next to go, and will be chosen on the strength of their own artist's link. This way, students will be able to better link and understand the connections between artists. Later, they may be asked to further link the artists in a quiz.

While watching, think of how you connect to the other artists: prepare a sheet like a ven diagram or web

a. Greenhut Gallery
b. Caldbeck Gallery
c. June Fitzpatrick Gallery
d. Bayview Gallery
e. Alan Magee
f. Eric Hopkins
g. Connie Hayes
h. And so on…!